Common Reasons Why Police Pull Over Mototists

When you see the police vehicle’s blue & red lights in your rear view mirror flashing, that can cause you stress. You may start to experience anxiety as you question why the police are pulling you over in the first place.

You can better protect yourself in this situation by preventing it from happening in the first place. Avoiding being stopped altogether is the best approach to reduce the likelihood of receiving penalties and citations for the most common traffic violations.

Improper Lane Changes

Cutting off another car or changing lanes without looking has the potential to endanger other drivers. These risky actions give the other motorist little to no time to respond, which may result in a serious car accident.

Failing to signal may also result in a police officer pulling you over. If an officer witnesses you changing lanes without putting your signal on, they might pull you over. It is always best to put your signal on before you attempt to change lanes.


The most frequent times police officers pull motorists over is for speeding. Speed restrictions are put in place for a reason and going above the limit puts you at risk of being stopped. Speed limits are built with safety in mind. Police are more inclined to write speeding tickets because speeding can be dangerous. Officers can easily identify speeding drivers, and speeding may also result in tragic accidents and serious property damage.

Being stopped for speeding may also provide probable cause for additional charges, such as drunk driving or drug usage in the vehicle. For your own safety and to reduce the likelihood of getting into this position in the first place, it is always a good idea to keep your speed under the stated limit in the region you are travelling.

Drinking and Driving

The general public are encourage to call 911 if they feel that any motorist on the road is intoxicated. Police in some cases will respond immediately and pull you over. Some police officer’s will keep an eye out in parking lots where bars and pubs are to seek out intoxicated drivers.

The best course of action is not to operate a vehicle if you have consumed any alcohol. The penalties and consequences resulting from a DUI conviction can be costly.

Vehicle Equipment Defects

A damaged windshield, a missing license plate, a headlight that is not working, or a window tint that is too dark are all simple equipment infractions that permit police to pull you over. These may also be rapidly and clearly seen from a distance, thus offenders may be singled out for these costly tickets.

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